Our Sponsors

We are supported by a range of Corporate Sponsors, who believe in and help with our work – we would like to thank them all.

This is a list of some of them please let us know if we have missed you off the list.

HIGOS Insurance Services Ltd

We were delighted when HIGOS Insurance Services Ltd chose us for their charity of the year 2017.

Please take a look at there website www.higos.co.uk/

Somerset in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor in Somerset sponsor our Bridgwater Clinic Sessions.

Visit there website www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/

Sturminster Newton High School

A big thank you to Sturminster Newton High School in Dorset whose pupils have chosen Ups and Downs Southwest as their charity for the next two years.

Visit their website www.mysnhs.net/

The Henry Smith Charity

The Henry Smith Charity have very generously granted us the funds to deliver our family support services over the next three years.

Visit their website The Henry Smith Charity

The Fairfield Charitable Trust

Ups and Downs Southwest would like to thank The Fairfield Charitable Trust who have given us a contribution towards our core work.

Garfield Weston Foundation

Being awarded a grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation has helped us continue our work.

Garfield Weston Foundation

Bridgwater Town Council

Have provided support towards our Bridgwater Clinic.

Bridgwater Town Council