Corporate Support

There are several ways your company can support our organisation. From your staff volunteering at one of our Family Days to sponsoring one of our events we have something that can fit your company.

Contact our office 01278 691100

Charity of the Year

Think of the possibilities for helping us throughout the year.

Your staff, customers and suppliers will all get onboard it is a great way of building those business relationships.

You could help us out with volunteers at some of our events, you could get your staff, customers and suppliers to organise some fundraising events.

You probably have your own ideas of how you can come onboard and help with our valuable work.



There are many ways in which you could sponsor us.

Sponsor a Family Day

Sponsor an event

Sponsor a befriender

Sponsor a family

Sponsor whatever else you can think of – we really would appreciate it.

Contact us on 01278 691100

Payroll Giving

Donating straight from your wages or pension
If your employer, company or personal pension provider runs a Payroll Giving scheme, you can donate straight from your wages or pension. This happens before tax is deducted from your income.

Ask your employer or pension provider if they run a Payroll Giving scheme.

The tax relief you get depends on the rate of tax you pay.

To donate £1, you only pay:
80p if you’re a lower rate taxpayer
60p if you’re a higher rate taxpayer
55p if you’re an additional rate taxpayer

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