Fundraising is a vital part of our survival but more than that it gives us publicity, it brings our community together and it enables us to support Down Syndrome children and families.

There are many ways you can help us – here is an A-Z of possibilities. If you would like to organise any of these and have some fun please contact us.


  • Abseil – Scale the dizzy heights of a local landmark or office block.
  • Afternoon tea – Put the kettle on and get baking. Invite your friends round to share sandwiches and cake and ask them to make a donation. Include a raffle for the chance to win a prize.
  • Auction of services – Auction services of people and businesses – anything from dog walking to singing lessons


  • Battle of the Bands – Contest for unsigned bands, where the audience votes on the winner. Charge bands to enter, offer cash prizes, sell tickets and set up a paying bar.
  • Bed Push – The ‘bed’ can be anything from a hospital bed to a four-poster or even a 3 piece suite!
  • Bingo – Hold a one-off evening or regular sessions


  • Coffee morning – It’s open house for the morning. Make extra with raffles, bring and buy sales and cake stalls.
  • Cream Crackers – Get sponsored to see how many cream crackers you can eat in a minute!
  • Collecting tins – Ask us for one of our tins for your local shop.


  • Dance – Barn dances, tea dances, disco dances, salsa dances. Hold your own Strictly Come Dancing competition!!
  • Dog walk – Get some exercise and raise money at the same time. Offer your services as the neighbour dog walker and charge per dog per walk.
  • Dress-up Day – Dress up as a pirate, fairy or even your favourite super hero!!!!


  • Egg and Spoon Race – Think back to your school sport’s days. All you need is some spoons, some eggs, some willing volunteers and it a bit of space in which to race. Charge particpants to enter, with the winner of the race being awarded a small prize.
  • Easter egg hunt – Maybe you belong to a pre school or other club? Why not set up an easter egg hunt with fun clues for the kids? It could be that local businesses will donate the eggs too.
  • Eyebrows – Get sponsored to shave them off – they will grow back eventually


  • Film night – Create your own cinema and hold a film night for family and friends. Sell popcorn and drinks and charge an entry fee. Theme the night on your favourite type of film!
  • Five-a-side football Why not challenge your mates to a five-a-side tournament as part of a football fundraiser. Each team pays to play.
  • Fun run Why not dust off your running shoes and challenge yourself to a run? It could be a half marathon, full marathon, or why not sign up for events like ‘Run or Dye’ and experience the fun of a rainbow multi-coloured 5k?


  • Garage sale – Sell off all your unwanted belongings and donate the proceedings to us.
  • Golf day – Keen golfer? Why not organise a golf day or competition at your local club?
  • Guess the ???? – Competitors guess how many sweets in the jar, weight of a cake etc. The closet answer wins.


  • Halloween party – Another excuse to dress up and party. Charge an entrance fee and raise money.
  • Head shave – Extreme we know! Go bald for charity


  • Ironing – Offer your ironing services – at a cost.
  • Ice-cream Eating – Either get sponsored to make lifelong friends with Ben and Jerry or buy huge tubs of ice cream and sell them by the scoop as cornets on a hot day.


  • Jumble sale – Dig around under the bed and at the back of wardrobes for anything you can sell and organise a jumble sale. Get your friends to get in on the act selling their own unwanted items
  • Jump – Get sponsored to jump out of a plane


  • Karaoke – Arrange your own X Factor contest. All you need is a machine, a room and a well-stocked bar.


  • Lucky dip –  Ask people to donate little gifts and then wrap them up and charge people for a lucky dip present.


  • Marathons – Get sponsored to run, walk or crawl


  • New Year resolutions – Get sponsored to stick to your new year’s resolutions
  • Name the Teddy –  The winner of the competition gets to keep the teddy.


  • Open House –  Invite people to bring homemade crafts and food to sell at your house. Each stall holder can donate to your charity.
  • Open Garden – Open your garden to visitors. Sell tickets, refreshments, plants and vegetables


  • Pamper night or Poker night –  Either set up your house as a relaxation parlour or as a casino and invite friends over.
  • Pancake Race – Get flipping on Shrove Tuesday. Charge teams to enter and spectators to eat


  • Quiz Night  –  Organise a quiz night with friends where they all pay a fee and you set the questions.


  • Race Night – The race is run on a big screen after all bets have been taken. Some gaming regulations may apply
  • Raffle – Ask local firms to donate prizes and sell tickets.


  • Swear Box – Place a donation in every time you swear – you will be surprised at how much money you will raise
  • Sit in a Bath – Get sponsored to spend the day in a bath of beans/maggots/tea, etc


  • Tabletop sale – Indoor variation on the car boot sale. Charge for table hire and sell refreshments and have a raflle to raise even more money
  • Toy sale – Sell all your unwanted toys and donate the proceeds to charity
  • Tuck Shop – Sell sweets, crisps, cake, drinks etc at work or at an event


  • Underwear on the outside –  Raise money by getting people to sponsor you to wear your underwear on the outside.
  • Unwanted gifts donations  –  Staff donate their unwanted gifts( this usually works best after Christmas) – they can then be either sold or raffled.


  • Variety show – You could set up a “Britain’s got Talent” style show and get your friends to donate to enter.


  • Wine tasting evening – A Fun evening where guests will have tasting notes and have to guess which wine (labels will be obscured) they are tasting from the description
  • Welly throwing – Fun for every fete and fair. Throwers compete to see whose welly goes furthest


  • X-mas cards and decorations – Make your own X-mas cards and decorations and then sell them at a Christmas craft fayre.


  • Yellow day – People pay to wear everything yellow for the day.


  • Zany hat day – Colleagues and friends pay a set fee to wear a really wacky hat to work.
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