Other Ways to Help

There are many other ways you can help us, and surprisingly they can be done in the course of your normal day.

Recycle Cartridges – Help us raise much-needed funds by giving us your empty inkjet cartridges.

Collect your empty inkjet cartridges, and then we can send you an envelope or contact us (sends person to contact page). In association with Recycle 4 Charity.

You can support us easily while using eBay.


Sell an item on eBay, listed as a Charity item and donate a percentage to charity. When the item sells, you will receive a payment from the buyer (and a matching % fee credit from eBay.)

PayPal Giving Fund collects the donation from you. The payment method on file with eBay is used unless you chose otherwise. 

If you tick the Gift Aid box, PayPal Giving Fund claims Gift Aid for the charity. After a short period to ensure all has gone through successfully, 100% of the donation and Gift Aid is transferred to us.


Look for our eBay charity ribbon in the search result, which shows the items that benefit good causes. Visit and bookmark our home page and shopping page to view all the items that benefit charities. 

When making a purchases, add a small donation to the charity you see in eBay checkout. Choose which charities you see in eBay checkout on the “My Favourite Charities” page in your Donation Account.

For full details see www.eBay.co.uk

Like your fruit and veg?

We have a new, easy way to raise funds for Ups and Downs and to eat healthily at the same time.
Riverford, the organic veg box company, will make a £15 donation to Ups and Downs for every supporter who becomes a customer, on their 3rd delivery. The veg changes with the seasons and comes with weekly recipe inspiration. Boxes start at £10.95 with free home delivery.
To find out more or place an order
1. Visit www.riverford.co.uk/vegfund or call Riverford on 01803 227227
2. Set up a regular account
3. Add our ID code VFUND21 into the Notes box when you check out (this will make sure we get the donation)

You can find out more at www.riverford.co.uk/vegfund. Thank you for your support.

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