Primary School Resources

Starting primary school is scary for most children but for those with Down Syndrome it poses many more challenges.

We have lots of resources that can help you and them through Primary School

Pupils with Down syndrome achieve higher levels academically in mainstream schools. They also develop independent learning skills and positive relationships with their classmates.

Reading Books

We are now producing our own reading books. These books are designed to be used with typically developing children to help raise awareness, understanding, and a more positive image, of children who have Down Syndrome. They are ideal for use in mainstream primary schools. See here some examples of the pages to be found in Book 1 ‘Ready to Leap’ and in Book 2 ‘At School’. Reading books are priced at £6.99 per copy or £6.00 each when you buy sets of 5. Please contact us for details.

Free Downloads - Behaviour

There are no behaviour problems unique to children with Down syndrome. However, here are some practical strategies for dealing with behavioural issues.

Free Downloads- Science

Here are some examples of differentiated worksheets. For further examples and advice about how to include these in your lesson plans and schemes of work, contact our Advisory Teacher.