Connect for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day 2021

‘Cha Cha Slide for WDSAD 2021’

The theme for this year’s World Down Syndrome Awareness Day is #CONNECT, we want to connect our families with the power of dance by inviting you to upload a video of your child/young person or the whole family performing the ‘Cha Cha Slide’!!! 

If you wish to learn the moves from a professional go to Cha Cha Slide Dance by DJ Raphi

This is the track we will be using for the film Cha Cha Slide

For your chance to be part of the film:

  • Find a safe place to dance
  • Feel free to wear your ‘Lots of Socks’ to commemorate World Down Syndrome Awareness Day
  • Film and upload your video by using WeTransfer
    • Email to
    • Add your email address.
    • In the Message enter “Hello, this is our video for WDSAD2021: From your Name”
    • You may need to verify your transfer, WeTransfer will email you a code.
    • The videos may take a while to upload due to the size of the file.
  • Watch out for your performance on the 21st March 2021
  • Like and share, share, share
  •  We will do our very best to include all the videos or a clip in our final film but regret this may not be possible due to demand.

By sending us your film you agree to the images being shared via our website and social media channels and in the public domain. Video and Photography Consent policy

Instructions for Filming at Home

You can film however you want to, it can be on your phone, iPad or computer and either in portrait or landscape mode.

Positioning – As this is a dance film you will need to have enough space for your camera to capture all of your family. Set the camera a good distance away from your ‘dance floor’. The key is creating enough space so that your entire family are in shot head to toe. If space is an issue, don’t worry, prioritise capturing the top half – faces over feet if you like.

Lighting – Home lighting can be tricky so don’t worry too much about it, the key is being able to see everyone’s faces and dance moves. The number one rule is not to have the main light source behind you. Don’t place yourself and your family with a window or a lamp behind you because you will just be a shadow on the screen. Some light should fall on your face – so you could position the family facing the window or a lamp or with it to the side of you. Lights overhead should be ok as long as they are not too bright. The ideal set up is a light source directed at you from around the same position as the camera.

If you are not sure, then film yourself in position for a few seconds and watch it back. Check if you can see your face – and your dance moves.

Instructions kindly supplied by Somerset Film

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