Bees with Catherine and Byron

Weston-super-Mare Youth Club


Weston-super-Mare Bees

During the COVID 19 shutdown, our Weston Super Mare group have stayed in touch and busy via zoom sessions. These have been run by our new team member Catherine, who has set challenges each week for the young people to complete.

One week they had activities about bees, and then Catherine was able to show them inside a real beehive kept by her partner Byron.

The session took them through her garden, and they were able to see all the different sections of the hive and the bees inside.

Catherine hopes the honey crop will be good this year so everyone can taste some when our sessions resume.

Weston-super-Mare Youth Club

Bee Keeping with Catherine and Byron

Byron examines a frame of bees

Bee Keeping with Catherine and Byron WSM

Catherine in her sting proof bee suit